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2021 in Review

Aktualisiert: 24. Dez. 2021

This year started out with a bang and not a good bang. More like a bang... uh-oh!

It's been an interesting year, to say the least. My job as a freelance translator from German to English slowed to a near halt, as did the world, and I caught myself thinking maybe I should get a "real" job. But the opportunities were few and far between (funny how working in the tourism industry during Covid will do that), so I decided to wait it out.

February to April was slow. I went from translating about the wonders of South Tyrol on a daily basis to wondering if there was something wrong with my inbox. (There wasn't.)

Nevertheless, I embraced the situation and made the best out of living in South Tyrol without a "real" job. Instead of writing about South Tyrol, I got to experience it. Pretty fair trade if you ask me! I hiked up trails to secluded peaks, ate dishes I previously drooled over my keyboard about, and explored the natural world around me – with snow spikes or touring skis (okay, I only did that twice), on foot or by bike, in a climbing harness or a swimsuit. I gave my mother-in-law English lessons. I learned how to forage mushrooms (mmm... Chantrelles, you delicious treat) and pick stinging nettle (ouch! but delicious). I even tried to make Schlutzkrapfen – oh, yes, my beloved spinach-stuffed Schlutzkrapfen. (The recipe is simple, but that's the only thing simple about it!)

One thing I learned in 2021 is that good things take time – with work, life, relationships and when making Schlutzkrapfen.

That being said, with time, work started steadily trickling in. With each month, I received more and more projects, and I started to feel like my job was a "real" job again.

DINGSBUMS had a slow start in 2021, but I can proudly say I worked on over 50 web pages, translated 46 monthly newsletters, three brochures, 48 Instagram posts, nine luxury hotel websites, and one hotel travel guide while enjoying South Tyrol to the fullest.

As uncertain as things are in life, what I am certain about is that I love South Tyrol, and I love working in an industry that promotes it. I'm ready and looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store.

Pfiat enk!

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